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Visit to the Archaeological Site and National Museum - Guided tour
Thursday, 6th June

Paestum has been for a thousand years a romantic ruin in the midst of a solemn wilderness. Its Doric temples, hardly surpassed even by those of Athens in noble simplicity and good preservation, produce an incomparable effect of majesty and grandeur. The ancient site is set in a grassy field surrounded by gardens and hills. Although the site is small, it's so charming that you may want to spend time just relaxing here. and to the exceptional museum, that holds finds excavated from the site and around, including a set of archaic period Greek metopes. Here you will find the tomb paintings, one of which, the so-called "Tomb of the Diver", is a graceful and expressively naturalistic piece of work, the only existing example of Greek wall painting in Italy.


Social Dinner
Friday, 7th June - at 20:00


The SAVOY BEACH Hotel also propose to Participants two opportunities for the dinner on 4th June and on 5th June.

Tuesday June 4th evening, Aperitif with finger food at the Savoy Terrace followed by a little pastry buffet.
Cost is € 30,00pp beverage included. The access ticket should be purchased in advance at the Hotel Reception. Details:
• Red tuna cube
• Panzanella
• Butter and anchovy croutons
• Crispy activated charcoal ricotta with sweet and sour onion jam
• Pasta and potato mousse with crunchy pastry dough
• Rolled cheese and pepper spaghetti
• Fried vegetables and squids
• Beef bites on skewers
• Hot sandwich with mortadella
• Small patisserie of babà, sfogliatelle, cannoli
• Fresh fruit salad

Water, wine, sparkling wine and beer, included

Wednesday June 5th evening, BBQ party and pizza time at the Beach Club 93.
It is an à la carte service with live music
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